Lakshmi Devi Jain Senior Secondary School

The school was set up in 1904 in Jain temple of Pahari Dhiraj as Girls Paths education in reading, writing arithmetic related to day to day life along with cookery, needlework along with religious education. Today it is rated as one of the best schools, affiliated to CBSE, for girls in Old Delhi and girls from neighborhood feel pride in getting admitted to the school. It is housed in a small four storeyed building in the narrow by lanes of Pahari Dhiraj and runs in two shifts to impart education to over 1000 girls. The school building and its facilities of library, class rooms and laboratories need significant improvement to enable the school continue its status as a leading girls school of Old Delhi.

School Chronology

Established November 1904
Name: Jain Girls School till 1952
Lakshmi Devi Jain High School 1953
Upgrade to Senior Secondary School 1974
Golden Era Continues

School Principals Chronology

Name of Principal Period
Ms Kanak Mala Jain 1952 – 1992
Mrs Shashi Gupta 1992 – 2018
Mrs Seema Bharadwaj 2019 – contd.


The School offer a homely environment to tis students along with education in computers, Home Science as well as arts and crafts, Yoga etc. Ms Kanak Mala Jain had received several citations for her excellent teaching and management skills from Government and Non-Government agencies. The school maintains an excellent academic record of over 90% pass rate in Class 10 and 12th examinations with several distinctions conducted by CBSE.

A School improvement program has been istarted by making a Smart Class room and installing solar energy system in the school and improving the Home Science Laboratory.

The school has not yet attempted to prepare a list its alumni as the girls after marriage generally used to opt for Household management. Efforts are being made to make a list of girls who excel in professions like law, judiciary, education etc.

School Presentation: Link for PPT