JSPS was set up in 1900 as a registered Society by a handful of distinguished Jain in the Jain Dharmashala at Pahari Dhiraj Sadar Bazar Area for the promotion of Jain principles. The modality for achieving this objective, JSPS established four schools to get quality education in Humanities, Commerce and Science so that the young Jain students in particular and from other communities in general along with education of Jain dharma and way of life. JSPS thus established the following four schools from time to time since its inception.

  1. Hira Lal Jain Senior Secondary School for boys, the flagship school of JSPS.
  2. Lakshmi Devi Jain Senior Secondary School for girls
  3. Jainmati Jain Middle School, English medium co-educational school
  4. Sripal Jain Nursery

All the four schools are located in Sadr Bazar Area extending from Bara Tooti to Bara Hindu Rao, a densely populated commercial area of Delhi. Except Sripal Academy, all schools are recognised by Directorate of Education Government of NCT Delhi and as Minority education Institutions by The National Commission for Minority Education Institutes, Government of India. . Further The first two schools are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. Each school is run as an independent institute with its own management team under the overall supervision of the Society. Both these schools have received citations for excellence in education by Government of NCT Delhi from time to time. JSPS’s registered office is in the premises of Hira Lal Jain Senior Secondary School.

Both Sripal Jain Nursery and Jainmati Middle School are run as private schools. Hence they are able to generate sufficient financial resources through tuition fees from their students to continuously upgrade their facilities and education delivery systems.

JSPS is managed by a team of Jain educationist and Community leaders, limited to a maximum of 30 Jains who meet regularly to review the working of JSPS and mobilise resources to ensure successful running of is schools. JSPS was blessed with eminent Jains like S/Shri Jyoti Prasad, Mirimal, Ulfat Rai, Seth Gajraj Gangwal, Rajvaid Shital Prasad, Shambhu Dayal, Dr. C R Jayna, et all from time to time. The current executive bearers of JSPS are Shri Padam Prasad Jain Chairman, Shri Shanti Prasad Jain CA Vice Chairman, Dr Shugan C Jain Secretary and Shri Subodh Jain Treasurer.

JSPS is a Tax exempt society under Section 80(G)

Since 2012, the Society had been utilizing the services of educational consulting organizations, like Bharatiya Jain Sangthana to conduct an analysis of its schools, certify the adequacy of facilities and implement school improvement programs. The Society had been fortunate to welcome delegation of US High School Teachers annually to visit the schools and offer their expert advice for school improvement. Similarly, the Society had been inviting expertise, both Indian and overseas, to impart training to the teachers of its schools from time to time.

Because of changing demography of the area of its operations, JSPS had been facing problems associated with such changes, like attracting financial and management support and students from the community. Being aware of such changes, members of the Society are trying to reinvent successfully the education delivery by its constituent schools by invoking support of the alumni of its schools as well as Governmental and Corporate bodies.

In 2017, its schools were recognized as Minority educational institutions by Government of India and Delhi.

With the active support its members, the Society intends to improve the physical facilities to make them safe and meet various norms imposed by the Government from time to time; introduce latest teaching technologies and aides and improving the teaching skills of its teachers.