Hira Lal Jain Senior Secondary School

Hira Lal Jain School was considered till 1980s, the leading school of Delhi with excellent Board results and its passing students getting higher education in eminent colleges and universities. Its alumni occupied positions of eminence in trade and profession of their choice. However, as will be seen later, the quality of education suffered due to changing demography of the area as well as absence of Principal of the school for long periods.

School Chronology

Established November 1900
Name: Hira Lal Jain School 1919
The First Higher Secondary School of Delhi 1943
Upgrade to Senior Secondary School 1974
Golden Era 1950-1994

School Principals Chronology

Name of Principal Period
Sh. Mohan Lal Jain 1935 – 1967
Sh. Moti Ram Jain 1967 – 1994
Sh. Jai Kishan Gupta 1994 – 1999
Sh. Om Prakash Jain 1999 – 2000
Sh. Girish Chand Rohtagi 2001 – 2004
Sh. Shanti Prakash Gulati 2011 – 2011
Dr. Nirmal Kumar Jain 2017 – till date

The students passing out from this school have attained positions of eminence in areas like judiciary, legal, Accountancy, Engineering and Management along with setting up successful businesses globally. It is difficult to prepare a list of all alumni as this was not attempted until in 2018 when the first meeting of alumni to decorate the distinguished alumni was organized. The second attempt was to involve the alumni in mobilizing resources for the school by organizing the first meeting at IIC New Delhi (Feb 17th 2019).


The quality of education provided by the school started deteriorating in the late 1990s till concrete steps were taken by inducting a few educationists as part of school and society management in 2012. Since then the school is experiencing gradual improvement in its academic results and introduction of Value education, Yoga, cultural activities. However, there is ample scope for improvement in all areas. The School has now inducted a full time qualified and young Principal and his team of teachers. The School has also upgraded its facilities by including Computer education and computer aided education on experimental basis. The School is the first Certified Green School in inner Cities of India. The school intends to start greater usage of Computer aided teaching, classes to adopt English as a medium of instruction and Science stream as well as attract greater number of Jain students.

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